Hey there!

I’m dcb, a goof on the Internet who likes old computers and fluffy things, part of the Somnolescent collective. This little spot isn’t my main site, but I’ll link to a bunch of my other stuff here because I realize it's been a little ridiculous keeping track of it all.. :p





Lince's Links

Here’s my personal website! Really anything that interests me but isn’t ‘professional’ work goes here. Things of interest to old browsers, as well as hobbies and creative endeavors.


My more tech/project-oriented site! If you’re more into software and photography there’s much to see.

Art and Funny Animals


My character stuff largely goes on this site.

Lince’s Artchive

Currently the main spot for my art, on Lince’s Links.


Another outlet for my art!

Tech Projects


w2krepo collects and hosts software that runs on 2000 through XP! Typically old versions of software and freeware.


Fully featured desktop app that helps you create and manage a static HTML site. This was a pet project of mine for a long while, powering several iterations of the dotcomboom site. Write your site template from scratch, plugging in page-specific information using simple tags. Then, create pages in HTML or Markdown that’ll use that template with any number of attributes as you wish.


A YouTube downloader built for older mobile phones with Opera Mini, or computers with RetroZilla 2.2 and up. Works with them gotdarned iPhones and the like too, just install VLC off your respective app store. Works best with URLs or decently specific search queries.


Gopher proxy! Points towards the Somnolescent Gopher server, but you can stick your own URL at the end as a parameter: example.

More software on dotcomboom.somnolescent.net

Tomate pomodoro timer, Clipboard Viewer, Windows Spotlight Extractor, Mario Kart Wii Discord RPC, Pituophis Gopher library, and more!